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Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair:
A Record-breaking Event in Suzhou

4,000 exhibition stands, a total area of 80,000m2, and 6,000 units of machinery at the recent Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair are the new records of expositions in Suzhou. Thousands of businessmen from over 20 countries and regions exhibited their products or did their sourcing at the fair, whereas the number of visitors are expected to exceed 50,000, making the fair the biggest exposition in Suzhou.

Apart from being the largest in scale and the longest in duration, the current fair made the record highs in the number of exhibitors, working vehicles, facilities, and visitors. About 750 pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers participated in the exhibition, and 1,000 truck/times were used to prepared the exhibition. Of the 6,000 machines, the heaviest weighs 15 tons. 65% of the exhibitors come from the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

The pharmaceutical machinery fair, which a national event on circus shows, has become the largest of its kind in the whole of Asia. Much attention has been paid to the fostering of pharmaceutical industry in recent years in Suzhou, and as a result, pharmaceutical and medical products from Suzhou have taken a leading position in the country and coverd a wide range of items, such as chemical pharmaceutical products, medical apparatus, health protection equipment, and health foods, biological medicine, and related research and development. Pharmaceutical and medical industrial enterprises from USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden, etc. have come to invest in Suzhou. By July this year, there had been 50 foreign enterprises in SIP alone, with a total investment of 1 USD billion.

During the 32nd National Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair, international symposiums will be held, with some dozen speakers from Bolivia, Bangladesh, Macedonia, etc.

Nov. 5, 2006


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