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Projects Signed for 10 Billion RMB
at North Jiangsu Investment and Trade Talks

Following the opening of the 3rd North Jiangsu Investment and Trade Talks were opened on Nov. 1 in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, a number of major cooperation projects have been signed with a total value of 10 billion RMB, which surpassed the total of the previous two events.

The highlight of the talks is the contracts of cooperation between the regions of south Jiangsu and north jiangsu in joint efforts to build up development zones of north Jiangsu. The cooperation contracts signed between 10 development zones of south and north Jiangsu, notably those between Suzhou Industrial Park and Suqian Economic Development Zone and between Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone and Suyu Economic Development Zone, amounted to 730 million RMB in value,

76 enterprises, including China General Technology Group and Jiangsu Guoxin Assets Management Group, signed 38 contracts of industrial project transfers, which involved a total of 9 billion RMB investment. Nanjing University, Southeast University and other 8 intstitutes signed 10 contracts of technological cooperation with enterprises of north Jiangsu with a value of 400 million RMB.

41 provincial-level development zone of north Jiangsu appeared during the talks as an organized delegation for the first time. The municipalities from north and central Jiangsu introduced 568 projects for investment promotion, while the 5 municipalities from south Jiangsu presented 329 projects for industrial transfers.

Under the keynote "strengthen regional cooperation, and push forward the construction of development zones", the talks were sponsored by Provincial Government of Jiangsu with the aim to speed up the economic growth of Jiangsu and promote common regional development.

Nov. 1, 2006


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