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Italian Gewiss Plant Starts Operation in SIP

As Gawiss Electrical Devices (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., invested by the Italian listed company, Gewiss Corporation, announced official operation on Nov. 1 in SIP, the number of Italian enterprises in SIP rose to 25, covering the industries of cosmetics, textiles, and electrical appliances.

The Italian-based Gewiss Corporation was founded in 1970, and listed at Milan Stock Exchange in 1088. Its branch companies are spread across UK, France, Spain, Portugal, and India. A group corporation in the manufacturing of electrical systems and components for low-voltage installation, including automation devices and safety switches, consols, central control unit systems, industrial connectors and lighting, etc. with a worldwide sales network and annual sales revenue of 500 million Euros.

The Gewiss Suzhou plant was set up in 2004 on a land area of 8,000m2 and registered capital of USD 5 million for designing and production of industrial low-voltage electrical devices, lighting equipment and related accessories and molds, and post-sales service. It also deals in retail and wholesale business and import and export of Gewiss products. The plant started trial production in the second half of 2005, and currently, the plant has about a hundred employees with sales and service offices in Shanghai and Nanjing.

Nov. 1, 2006


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