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SIP Foreign-invested Enterprises Display High Profitability

In a steady increase of economic results in the first three quarters of the year, the Industries of large scales in SIP hit 122.87 billion RMB in sales revenue, 9.53 billion RMB in tax and profit, and 8.41 billion RMB in profit alone, which increased 25.1%, 33.5%, and 31.3% respectively over those of the corresponding period of last year. The comprehensive index ranks the first among all counties (cities) and districts of Suzhou Municipality. The foreign-invested enterprises in SIP are showing high profitability, especially in the 5 major fields of communication equipment, computer, and other electronic industries.

Statistics from SIP departments show that the sales rate of industrial products in SIP have remained 98%, and from January to September, it reached 99.1%, which outnumbers that of the whole municipality by 0.93%. The cycling of capital in SIP enterprises is in a benign state, apart from high operation capability and productivity, which is as high as 156,400 RMB/person, whereas that of the whole municipality is 31,800 RMB/person.

In the first three quarters of the year, the total assets contribution rate is 10.93%, which grows by 0.63% over the corresponding period of last year, and 2.06% higher than that of the whole municipality. During this period, 22 enterprises in SIP have made 5.625 RMB profit each, and 4.9% of the SIP enterprises contributed 66.9% of the entire profit.

Oct. 30, 2006


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