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10 Development Zones Under Way
in South-North Cooperation in Jiangsu

According to reports from Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the experimental project has been started up to build 10 provincial-level development zones through cooperation between the southern and northern parts of Jiangsu. The project is modeled after the cooperation pattern of the construction of Suzhou Industrial Park by China-Singapore joint efforts, and aimed to assist the development zones of North Jiangsu in fast growth.

The sources from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission told reporters that the specific plan of the south-north cooperation would be to delineate areas within the 10 existing development zones in North Jiangsu, to be constructed and managed by separate development companies invested jointly by development zones of southern and northern parts of Jiangsu. The planning and marketing for investment will be the responsibility of the development zones of South Jiangsu, and the income from the land use transfer will be shared according to the proportions of stocks held by the two sides. Such cooperation has already started on experimental basis between Suzhou Industrial Park and Suqian Development Zone.

Ever since the implementation of south-north cooperation strategy in Jiangsu Province, the southern parts of Jiangsu have been make earnest efforts in assisting the northern parts in exploring the innovative way of economic development, and the cooperation between the development zones of the two regions has proved to be a successful solution. For example, Zhangjiagang (Suyu) Yangtze Industrial Park, located in North Jiangsu, was built by Zhangjiagang City of Suzhou in 2002, and the infrastructure there, as well as workshops and machinery, has reached the level of those provincial-level development zones of South Jiangsu. 6 enterprises have gone into operation and the output value expected to amount to 800 million RMB this year.

Oct. 26, 2006


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