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Suzhou Software Testing Center Authorized
for Professional Expertise Certification

It is reported from the "Work Conference on Professional Expertise Certification", convened recently by Ministry of Information Industry, that Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. (the organization for construction and operation of the public technological service in Suzhou Software Park) has been approved by Ministry of Information Industry to be "Workstation of professional expertise evaluation in electronic industries". SSTC Co., Ltd. is thus accorded with official authorization to organize regular trainings and evaluation software testing each year, and to issue "national professional qualification certificates" of Ministry of Information Industry and "professional expertise qualification certificates" of Ministry of Labor to the qualified trainees. Of the 5 organizations authorized at the conference, Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. is the only one in the whole of East China.

Software industry is a major field of independent innovation. Although software industry in Suzhou has acquired considerable scale, such as SIP Int’l Science Park, SND Software Park, and Kunshan Software Park, the shortage of software testing engineers is felt acutely in the industry, and it has become imperative to train qualified technicians in software testing.

SSTC Co., Ltd. is a branch of Jiangsu Software Products Testing Center and a permanent council member of "the Union of China Software Testing Organizations", equipped with the only specialized software testing laboratory with national approval in the province and ISO9001:2000 quality management system authentication. Over 400 items of software testing service in 60 testing categories are being offered by the company in the Suzhou region. The web station under the company ( has attracted large numbers of software testing professionals as an exchange platform within the industry. Earlier this year, the company set up Bright Software Vocational Training School to conduct trainings in software testing and turn out technicians for software enterprises. Now, with the authorization for professional expertise evaluation, the company will give full play to its technological superiority in software testing and render systematic service to enterprises.

Oct. 25, 2006


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