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Pyroban Forklift Plant Built in Weiting

The well-known British-owned Pyroban Group held an opening ceremony for its subsidiary, Pyroban (Suzhou) Safety System Co., Lt.d., in Weiting Township, SIP, on Oct. 18.

Pyroban Group, one of the three major anti-explosion forklift manufacturers in Europe, is a leading supplier of advanced safety and environmental protection solutions to the international market and a global leader in the manufacturing and assembling of anti-explosion systems. Since its entry into China 5 years ago, Pyroban has been providing the world's advanced anti-explosion forklift technology to the Chinese manufacturers. To meet the growing demands for anti-explosion forklifts in China and the rest of Asia, Pyroban has decided to build its first Asian manufacturing base in SIP.

Weiting Township has been striving to develop advanced manufacturing industries by introducing hi-tech and technology-oriented projects in recent years. So far, the township has attracted 10 enterprises out of the Furtune-500 and 13 out of the top 500 domestic companies. A regional industrial cluster has initially been formed with special features in TFT-LCD industry, IT, precision machinery, and new materials.

Oct. 20, 2006


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