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China and India Cooperate to Train IMS Engineers

SIP Oncope Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in IT contractual development, formally entered SIP International Science Park on Oct. 12, and signed a cooperation agreement on the training of highly demanded IMS engineers for contractual software development.

IMS, namely the infrastructure management service, is a new emerging service in IT sector in recent years, which provide technical supportive services in maintenance, upgrading, optimization, fault diagnosis and removal through for the huge and complex IT infrastructure. The clients are mostly large-scale multinational corporations, which are heavily dependent on IMS companies for IT infrastructure management without having a large IT team of their own so that they can concentrate on their chief business focuses. Investigations show that the IMS business scale has exceeded US$100 billion all over the world with further potential to tap. The Ministry of Commerce, for this reason, has launched a development program for contract software service including IMS nationwide.

The newly established SIP Oncope Technology Company will be devoted to training of professional teams of versatile technologies based on the mature IMS business and management mode of IIHT, oriented to the expansion of contracted IMS market in Europe and America and IMS technical service for local and domestic SMEs.

Oct. 13, 2006


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