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A Million RMB Charity Fund Eases the Needy "Bo Ai" School

Assistance fund of over 1 million RMB from the fund-raising committee of the international organization IDEMA (International Driver Equipment & Material Association) was delivered to Suzhou Bo Ai School as a support to special education at the charity activity held in Kunshan on Oct. 7.

Well-known artist of comical dialogue Ma Ji made a special trip to the meeting from Beijing and presented inscriptions in his own handwriting, "Love knows no boundaries", to the contributor and Bo Ai School.

Ao Ai School is a civilian-run non-profit welfare school devoted to special education and recuperation, which has received over 200 handicapped children from all parts of China in the past 8 years, most of whom are mentally retarded children. Through medical attention and recuperation, 48% of the children have recovered sufficiently to return to normal school education.

The school has received care and support from all walks of life in the past. Suzhou Industrial Park government and friends from Singapore have previously allocated millions of RMB assistance to the school. By upholding the principle of "equality and universal love", the school has exempted the financially hardy students of 1.5 million yuan RMB fees, with the result that the school was in debt of 900,000 yuan RMB for construction payment. For a period, school was in crisis of survival. The sponsor of the current charity activity, a Singaporean member of the council of IDEMA and a patron of the school, has successfully mobilized the members of IDEMA, an international trading organization, to contribute to the assistance fund.

The artist Ma Ji said at the charity meeting, "The school is of great significance because it recaptures the children's right to live healthily and reestablishes their confidence in social involvement."

Oct. 8, 2006


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