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Agricultural Bank SIP Sub-branch Commended
for Personalized Network Service

SIP Sub-branch of Agricultural Bank of China has been endeavoring to increase technological input in banking services since the beginning of the year, and shortly before, has successfully realized interfaces of online bank with customer ERPs in meeting the demands for personalized cash management, especially from those high-level customers. By August, the sub-branch had registered 201 online customers with accumulated transaction of 14 billion RMB. The online transactions make up for 17% of bank transfers.

The personalized online banking service, based on successful interface between the banking service system and the finance system of enterprises, has effectively integrated the resources at both ends to achieve automatic, high-efficient, and safe payment, inquiry, notification, and account checking. Such personalized service has become an important carrier to expand clients and deepen relations of cooperation with enterprises.

Sept. 27, 2006


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