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Century Lianhua Supermarket Opens in Weiting Township

The Century Lianhua Supermarket at Fengshengtai Business Plaza, Weiting Township, held a grand opening ceremony on Sept. 28. Affiliated to Bailian Group, the domestic retail giant, the supermarket is one of the national chain stores with diversified items of retail commodities. The chain stores, elected to be the largest supermarket chain in China for 9 successive years, was successfully listed at Hong Kong stock market in 2003.

In intensified efforts to promote service industries, Weiting Township government has aimed to introducing brand names of domestic and overseas businesses in the past years to uplift the quality and level of consumption market, with the result that KFC, Century Lianhua, and a number of well-known stores have set up branches in the town, and new growth has made headway in the service sector.

Sept. 29, 2006


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