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Loufeng Built Apartment for the Aged

Loufeng Township government held a ceremony on Sept. 28 to mark the completion of apartment house for the aged, with the presence of Pan Yunguan, Deputy Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, and leaders from SIP Bureau of Social Development and Loufeng Township government.

The government of Loufeng Township has attached great importance to the welfare of the senior citizens in recent years, and listed the construction of apartment for the aged as a major public project in 2006. The apartment house tolled an investment of 13 million RMB on a land area of 14.55 mu. The constructed area of the apartment measures 5,981m2, by 3-star hotel standards, sufficient to accommodate 122 senior citizens. 15 old people on government subsidies have been moved into the apartment, and accommodations will be used for the aged from the township and other parts.

The apartment is located in a beautiful surrounding with adequate facilities. There are single, double, and many-bedded rooms for different purposes, each with separate bath, color TV, air-conditioners, shower, flush toilet, wash basin, in addition to game rooms, multifunction rooms, clinic, reading room, and a 150-seat canteen.

The activities and services in the apartment cover all aspects of daily life, such as foods, medical attention, fitness building, psychological consulting, and social intercourses, etc.

Sept. 30, 2006


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