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Development Zones of East and Central China to Cooperate in Training

At the 1st Central China Investment and Trade Fair was in Changsha, development zones of east China and central China signed an agreement on talent training. The act signifies the fact that development zones of in the eastern parts are reinforcing support for the central and western parts in software environment in talent training.

Ma Xiuhong, Vice-minister of Commerce, sad at the fair that the State would appropriate funds to help training managerial professionals in investment promotion and half million technical operators for central and western parts of the country.

The national-level development zones of east and central China also signed a proposal on the cooperation of training, which set the schedule for the first training class in October 2006 in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Ma Minglong, Director of SIP Administrative Committee, said: "The training oriented with more definite aims is in keeping with the specific conditions and the situation in domestic and international economic development."

Sept. 27, 2006


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