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First Foreign-invested Trading Company in SIP Opens in Loufeng

Suzhou Shure Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the internationally prestigious manufacturer of microphones and audio products, Shure Corporation, held a grand opening ceremony in Loufeng Township, SIP, on Sept. 28.

S. N. Shure founded the Shure Corporation back in 1925 in Chicago, and its plants have now spread to Mexico, the southwestern parts of UAS, Illinois, and China, with sales divisions in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Germany, and UK. Its classic products, the microphones, have made a legendary reputation across the world. The double-button carbon-granule microphone is the new generation of noise-free mike, and the SM57 mike that came out in 1965 is the mike used by US presidents since Johnson’s time. The SM58 mikes have been the best-seller at the world market up to now.

Shure Corporation began investment feasibility investigation in China in 2003, and established a wholly owned Shure Electronic (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in SIP Export Processing Zone in June 2004, the first Shure plant in Asia. In June 2005 Shure obtained business license for Suzhou Shure Trading Company and became the first foreign-invested investment and trading company in Suzhou.

Sept. 29, 2006


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