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Bosch Demonstrates the Latest Technology

In the 2006 Tianjin International Auto Parts Exhibition, Bosch Corporation, a global leader in Auto parts supply, demonstrated advanced solutions in energy saving, environmental protection, and vehicle safety. At the simultaneously held international forum on China's auto industry development, Bosch presented to the domestic counterparts its latest technologies in chassis system, clean diesel oil and continuously variable transmission (CVT). Bosch started its electronic stabilization program (ESP-r) system and set up a technological center in Suzhou to carry out R&D and testing of ESP-r.

Bosch has made the forum a display of its 30-years' experience in technological innovation of road safety and advanced positive safety systems, and through the forum, Bosch shared its professional techniques in exhaust treatment in conformity to the strict EU standards. At the same time, Bosch introduced its global experience in CVT system development.

ESP(r), a highlight in Bosch's innovative products, integrates ABS and TCS systems to protect against fatal slippery and side turns.

Since the launching of ESP-r in 1995, the sales volume has exceeded 20 million units around the world. About 40% of vehicles in the whole of Europe, and 11% of vehicles of USA in 2004, are installed with the system. The volume was almost doubled in 2005. The same trend is also showing in Asia.

Sept. 26, 2006


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