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Harvard-Yenching Suzhou Forum Opens

Suzhou Forum of Harvard-Yanching, held from Sept. 22 to 25 in Suzhou Industrial Park, is a gathering of experts and scholars from Harvard University and different parts of China on the bi-annual academic symposium of the 3rd "Civilization Dialogue" under the thematic topic of "vantage point of East Asian: Cultural Consciousness and Recognition".

The current symposium, based on the cultural phenomena and concepts of cultural contacts, clashes, exchanges, influence, heritage, transition, localization, diversification, and multi-polarization in the current course of globalization of economy and technology by more and more countries and regions, is intended to solicit various experts' views on cultural consciousness and recognition from the viewpoints of East Asian. The collection of essays delivered at the forum will be published after the meeting with special emphasis on the position of East Asia, and China in particular, in the trend of "cultural consciousness" and "cultural recognition".

 Sept. 24, 2006


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