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50 Medical and Pharmaceutical Enterprises in SIP
Add Up to 1 US$ 1 Billion Investment

Medical and pharmaceutical industry in SIP now boasts of all ranges of products, from the tiniest syringes, capsules, and reagents, to the large-sized medical and therapeutic equipment and all sorts of drugs. Now, on Sept. 13, with the entry of Johnson & Johnson Medical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in the east of Jinji Lake, SIP along with advanced technology and managerial concept, the industrial chain has got a new and strong link.

As the largest multi-polarized manufacturing company in the field of medical and health-care equipment, Johnson & Johnson Corporation of USA is building its eighth subsidiary in China, a manufacturing base of medical appliances in SIP. Present at the ground-breaking ceremony were Wang Rong, Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Yan Li, Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, and Wu Xiaojing, Deputy Director of Provincial Bureau of Economy and Trade.

Since its entry into China in the 80s of last century, Johnson & Johnson Corporation has set up Xi'an Janssen Pharmaceutical Company, Johnson & Johnson (China) Medical Appliances Co., Ltd., and other 5 subsidiaries in China. The plant under construction in SIP, a US$47 million investment project, is expected to go into operation by the end of next year to produce medical appliances for traumatic treatment and sports medicine.

By July this year, there had been a clustering of over 50 medical and pharmaceutical enterprises in SIP, such as GSK, Eli Lilly, Eisai, Baxter, and Herbalife, etc., which added up to over one billion US Dollar investment in the research and production of chemical pharmaceutics, medical equipment, health-care appliances, and health food and biological medicine. SIP is now one the major production bases for China's medical industry.

Sept. 14, 2006


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