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China SME Trade Fair Goes International

"2006 China International Small and Medium Enterprises Trade Fair" (China SME Fair) is scheduled to be held on Oct. 25 at Suzhou International Expo Center under the joint sponsorship of China SME International Cooperation Association, Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, Jiangsu Provincial SME Bureau, and China Business Journal. The fair is intended to assume the role of international SME "supermarket".

An Important sector in the national economy, SMEs in China claim 99.3% of the total number of enterprises in the country, 55.6% of the China’s GDP, 74.7% of newly added industrial output value, 58.9% of social sales volume, 46.2% of taxes, and 62.3% of total export volume. The number of SMEs in industry has exceeded 30 million, and they gradually becoming the mainstay in industrial development.

To speed up the growth of SMEs, China has stipulated a series of supportive policies, and governments at all levels are actively building more platforms for exchanges and cooperation among SMEs of China and other countries, and in such circumstances, the China SME Fair has come to the spotlight. The fair is not limited to the purpose of attracting investment from overseas, but rather, it is intended to promote the external exchanges and cooperation.

During the exchange and trade activities between Jiangsu Province and Italy, from Sept. 12 to 14, the Italian side organized a delegation of over 400 businessmen from over 200 SMEs for talks with their counterparts in textile, garment, furniture, machinery, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and foodstuff industries, which were proved to be a successful operation mode for international SME cooperation and exchange.

"2006 China International SME Trade Fair" will be an experiment in the form of "exhibition supermarket", embracing the factors of government agencies, trade associations, mass media, exhibition booths, and diversified industries under the principle "government support, market operation, corporate business, and internationalized growth".

In addition to exhibition areas, the fair will provide project negotiation areas and "SME international forum" featuring technological industrialization, competitiveness-enhancing, international cooperation, financial facilities, enterprise management, and logistics service, etc.

So far, more than 400 enterprises have applied to participate in the event. The exhibition floorage will be expanded to 30,000m2. Exhibitors will represent the fields of machine tools and molds, textiles, energy, farm products and food processing, technological development, software development, logistics, construction and building materials, banking service, engineering products, IT training and service, health food and service, etc. Visitors are expected to exceed 50,000 person/times.

Sept. 14, 2006


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