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Print Suzhou to Top the Country

As was reported from SIP International Science Park last week,, the best-known human resource website in China, will build its marketing and sales center in SIP. The Suzhou center, staffed with nearly 300 employees, has become the largest human resource service in Suzhou., founded in 1997 as one of the earliest talent recruitment website in China, chiefly conducts online recruitment and head hunting and related services. In 2005, the website obtained US$50 million financial supported from MONSTER, the world's largest network service provider, along with advanced managerial expertise, thus entering into a stage of internationalized growth at the rate of 3 times that of the average growth rate in the field of HR service. Currently, the web is being accessed by over 2 million users with over 15 million visits daily. Over 7 million resumes are carried in the web and over 500,000 jobs are offered daily. About 90% of the fortune-500 corporations are using this largest online recruitment web in China.

Since its founding in Suzhou, the marketing and sales center has been growing at the monthly rate of 50%, known as the "Suzhou speed", and its sales revenue is expected to reach 1.5 million yuan RMB for September alone. At the Suzhou sales center, about 80% of the staff members come from universities graduates of this year. A plan has been drawn to double the staff in the coming year to make Suzhou center the largest human resource service institution in China.

Sept. 13, 2006


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