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US-invested Small "Pumps" Gather in Suzhou

On Aug. 22, the 80-year-old Graco Corporation of USA opened its first plant in China, "Graco Fluid Handling (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., located in SIP Export Processing Zone. Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and components, and its products are widely applied in vehicle lubrication and construction maintenance. With the opening of Graco Fluid Handling (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., there have been 4 American-invested precision pump manufacturers in SIP Export Processing Zone, the other three being Faradyne Motors, Franklin Electrical, and IDEX Corporation.

The companies in SIP Export Processing Zone are all top enterprises in their respective fields of manufacturing. IDEX Corporation, for example, specializes in producing positioning pumps and coloring equipment, and Faradyne, a joint venture of ITT and Pentair of USA, manufactures pump motors. Franklin is a half-entry-long manufacturer of fluid pumps with production bases in China, Germany, Italy, Australia, South Africa, and Japan. The entry of the four enterprises in the export processing zone is forming an initial industrial clustering.

SIP Export Processing Zone, relying on the advantageous policy "inside border but outside customs", has in recent years encouraged the clustering of three major industries, namely, the hard disc, the laptop computer, and aerospace components. Nowadays, the power tools, pumps and other precision machining are forming other groups of industrial chains. The Management authorities of the zone is adopting innovative ways of management and control, like the coordinated operation of zones A and B, and that of bonded logistics center and the export and processing zone, etc., to create more convenient and highly efficient environment for investors.

Sept. 6, 2006


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