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SIP HR Market to Move to East Jinji Lake

At the end of August, SIP Human Resource Development Co., Ltd. (with the exception of the recruitment hall) moved to the new site of HR Market at east-of-lade area of SIP, at No. 168 Wangdun Road, to the south of Sipac-sited Modern Building. In the new site are also SIP Senior Personnel Consultancy Co., Ltd., SIP Labor Service Co., Ltd., SIP Talent Information Technology Co., Ltd., and SIP One-stop Service Center.

The market viewed from the outside.

The new SIP Human Resource Market is now functioning in one-stop service, senior personnel negotiation, personnel files management, and HR online services in the newly furnished premises.

Recruitment Booth

Recruitment booths are being fabricated and the work is expected to complete by the end of September. The newly built recruitment hall covers an area of 5,000 m2, three times as big as the former site, with booths increased from 55 to 120. With additional movable stands, the hall will accommodate 150 recruiting enterprises during the personnel exchange fair.

The one-stop service center.

Presently, the new SIP Human Resource Building can be access by 6 bus routes.

Aug. 30, 2006


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