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6 Public Service Systems Go in Depth
at Suzhou Software Park

The technological service enterprises for public technical platform at Suzhou Software Park held a discussion on Aug. 29 to introduce the contents of 6 service systems and the planning and construction of the platform.

The construction of the public technological service platform started in 2003, and has been operated and maintained by Suzhou Software Testing Center Co., Ltd. The platforms in current operation include those of software development, software testing, quality assurance, allied laboratory, and network service. The platform for animation is now under construction. The improved functions of these platforms have benefited enterprises considerably. An expert group has been conducting in-depth technological service experimentation in selected enterprises since July with the aim to deepen the functions of the platforms and to meet the practical demands of the enterprises.

At the discussion, the Testing Center briefed the enterprises on the six service systems, namely, testing, monitoring, training, personnel service, allied lab, and network, in which the superior resources, talents, and technology of the service platforms will be given full play in serving enterprises.

Aug. 30, 2006


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