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SIP Senior and Intermediate Talent Exchange Fair Goes on Spot and Online

According to report from SIP HR market, the 7th SIP "spot + network" talent exchange fair for senior and intermediate personnel will be held from Sept. 2 to 3, with  nearly 3,000 vacancies for candidates, and about 30% of the post are department supervisors.

A number of internationally known multinational enterprises, such Bosch Automotive, Canon, Siemens, will participate in the recruitment fair. Company groups like Samsung, **, and Fujitsu have booked stands to recruit talents of advanced levels. Some newly established technological enterprises like ** of France will also join in the recruitment campaign.

Candidates will have to prove their certificates to get admission to the spot. All graduates from secondary college with over 3 yeas' working experience, or graduates from full university schooling with 2 years' working experience will be admitted to the spot. Candidates with advanced schooling and those with senior professional titles (those with master degree and over a year's working experience, those with PhD degrees, and returned students from overseas, will be freely admitted.

On-spot and online recruitment will be carried out simultaneously. Those who are unable to come to the spot may contact the recruitment units directly through the HR website ( from now on till Sept. 30.

Aug. 30, 2006


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