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SIP Holds Discussion on HR Issues

In order to build the optimum employment environment and dealing with the shortage of talents for the fast-growing SIP new and hi-tech industries and service industry, SIP government held a discussion on Aug. 17 on HR issues attended by 80 representatives from SIP Party Working Committee, SIP Leading Group for HR Development, SIP Bureaus, GMs of major companies, CAS Nanometer Institute, township Party committees of SIP, Personnel Departments of hi-tech R&D enterprises, head-hunting companies, SIP Doctorate Society, and returned Chinese students’ organizations, etc. The discussion was presided over by Shen Mingde, Deputy Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, and Gu Yukun, Member of SIP Party Working Committee and Chief of SIP Organization and Personnel Bureau, gave a general account of the current HR situation in SIP. Kang Yue, GM of SIP Human Resource Co., also gave a briefing on the company. Speaking at the discussion were personnel managers from head-hunting companies, recruitment agencies, and hi-tech R&D enterprises, on issues of living conditions, education, social security, and housing, with a view to attract and retain talents for SIP construction. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, made an important speech at the discussion with emphasis on the importance of human resource as the first and foremost resource in the new situation. He called on renewed efforts in HR policy research to accelerate HR development and construction to ensure the upgrading of SIP industries, advancement of science and technology, and vigorous expansion of service sector of SIP.

Aug. 17, 2006


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