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GMs Club Founded in SIP Aerospace Components Industry

On the afternoon of July 27, under the initiation of SIP Economic Development Bureau and through consultations among the general managers of aeronautical components manufacturing enterprises in SIP, the General Managers Club of SIP Aeronautical Components Industry was officially founded, and Mr. Chen Zongxiang, GM of Singapore Aerospace Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., was elected the first chairman on duty of the club.

Aeronautical components manufacturing enterprises represent a major field of industry being promoted in SIP. At present there has a clustering of internationally known manufacturing enterprises such as Singapore Aerospace Industry, Smiths Aerospace, Primus, and Messier-Dowty Aviation (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., etc., covering the production of engine components, landing gears, auxiliary power devices, and other structural devices, etc. Their customers include the major airplane manufacturers of the world: Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier, etc.

Previously, the service departments of SIP Economic Development Bureau visited the aerospace enterprises in SIP, and investigated into their operation and development. To promote exchanges and cooperation in the aeronautical industry, the bureau has decided to initiate the founding of the GMs club.

The club will play the role of an exchange platform and communication bridge between the government and enterprises, and Sipac will be able to render better service through the media of such organization.

Aug. 4, 2006


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