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Gala Gathering of Singaporeans in Suzhou

Singaporeans in Suzhou gathered with their Suzhou friends on the evening of Aug. 5 to celebrate the 41st National Day of Singapore. The celebration activity, organized by Suzhou Singapore Club, was attended by Mayor Yan Li of Suzhou, Mr. Chin Siat Yoon, Consul General of Singapore in Shanghai, Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, Chen Zhengang, Secretary-general of Municipal Government, and Mr. Chia Chung Mun, Director of Singapore Software Office, etc.

Since its founding 11 years ago, Suzhou Singapore Club has grown in memberships from SIP, SND, and Wujiang and Taicang cities, and its activities have become richer and more varied. The club has played the role of the bridge between Singapore and Suzhou as a commercial and social club. The celebration was keynoted by "our global city, our home", an interpretation of Singapore as a vibrant, internationalized metropolis as well as the cherished homeland of all Singaporeans. For all those working in Suzhou, the city of Suzhou is also a warm homeland.

On behalf of the Party Committee and Government of Suzhou Municipality, Mayor Yan Li extended warm congratulations on the 41st anniversary of Singapore Republic. He said that the international cooperation between China and Singapore has been going in depth in the fields of economy, technology, culture, and education, and the great success of Suzhou Industrial Park has further enhanced the economic and trade cooperation and friendship between the two countries. He gave high praises to those Singaporeans working and living in Suzhou for their contributions to the economic construction and urban development of Suzhou, and hoped for their sustained support for the construction and development of Suzhou Industrial Park.

Before the celebration gathering, Mayor Yan Li and other municipal leaders met Mr. Chin Siat Yoon and other Singapore friends, reviewed the course of cooperation and agreed on higher expectations for the future development of SIP.

Aug. 6, 2006


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