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China Int'l Patent Fair Holds IPR Forum

At the 3rd China International Patent Exposition at Suzhou Industrial Park, a high-level forum on intellectual property rights was held on the afternoon of July 26, at which representatives from government bodies and enterprises delivered speeches on strategic protection of intellectual property rights and independent innovation. Vice-mayor Zhou Weiqiang of Suzhou Municipality attended the forum and Vice-mayor Xu Nanping presided over the forum. The gathering included over 300 representatives from intellectual property rights protection organizations of Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan, and Zhejiang Provinces, relevant departments of provincial and municipal governments, new and hi-tech enterprises, major enterprises of independent innovation experimentation, and demonstration townships for intellectual property rights protection.

At the forum, Cao Jinyan, Vice-director of Intellectual Property Rights Development and Research Center of National Intellectual Property Rights Bureau, gave a speech on "national strategy of intellectual property rights", and Zhu Yu, Director of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Intellectual Property Rights, lectured on "development and prospect of intellectual rights in Jiangsu Province". The speakers held that to implement the strategy of intellectual rights would produce far-reaching impact on the building-up of innovative type of provinces and cities, and the ever-increasing impetus had been demonstrated in pushing forward the social and economic progress through independent intellectual rights including patents.

Entrepreneurs at the forum all emphasized the importance of implementing independent intellectual rights strategy in bring about fast growth of enterprises.

July 27, 2006


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