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Microsoft Starts Up First China SaaS Incubation Plan
in Suzhou

The first SaaS (Software as a Service) Plan of Microsoft in China is now located in the Software Testing Center (concurrently Suzhou Branch of Jiangsu Provincial Software Testing Center and Software Testing Center of SIP Technology Town) in Suzhou Software Park. The plan will be carried out in the allied lab of Microsoft and Suzhou Software Center initiated last year by the two sides. The latter is to take charge of IDC planning with the most advanced servers and a superior network with over 99.9% access rate in a well-configured IDC hardware environment. Prior to this, Microsoft had sent two senior SaaS architect engineers, Gianpaolo Carraro and Fred Chong, to Suzhou to evaluate the public technological service platform and the hardware at Suzhou Software Testing Center, and confirmed of the service quality. In the initial step of the plan, the products from 2 or 3 selected software developers will be planted into the incubator for SaaS projects.

SaaS refers to the innovative practice of the recent years, in which software developers lease their products to individual customers and operate the programs for them, controlling the program-related database and maintaining and updating the software and hardware at the basic level while customers are enabled to operate the software through a public network access. The SaaS project offers an effective way to implement projects with reduced cost, faster speed, and less risk, and a preferable solution for most SMEs in settling the bottleneck issues of procuring information technology software and hardware.

July 21, 2006


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