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Provincial-level Nanotech Innovation Platform to Be Built
in Suzhou

"The feasibility study of the construction project for Jiangsu Provincial engineering platform for Nanotech processing and testing" was accepted through evaluation on June 28 in SIP by the technical committee appointed by Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology.

The evaluation meeting was conducted by an experts' group composed of academicians, professors, and specialists from China Academy of Sciences, the National Nanotechnological Center, Qinghua University, China Science and Technology University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, etc. Responsible members from departments concerned of CAS, provincial and municipal bureaus of science and technology and Sipac attended the meeting, and Mr. Ma Minglong, Director of Sipac, gave an opening speech.

Jinagsu Provinical Bureau of Science and Technology, authorized by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, will appropriate a total of 100 million yuan RMB in the next two years to build a "engineered technological platform for nanotech processing and testing" within Suzhou Nanotech and Bionanotech Institute to enhance its research and development capability and to promote cooperation with manufacturing, education, and research units within the province and those of other provinces and municipalities The project is so far the largest project in Jiangsu in terms of government financial support.

Suzhou Nanotech and Bionanotech Institute, a technical carrier of innovation jointly set up by CAS and the People's Governments of Jiangsu Province and Suzhou Municipality, has been listed as a major project of basic scientific research in the 11th "5-year plan" of the province. A leading group composed of the three cooperation parties has agreed in a MOU to build the innovative platform of nanotech processing and testing.

The designed platform will form an overlapping technical platforms of multi-discipline researches in nanotech materials, bionanotech, and medicine. It was agreed at the evaluation meeting that Suzhou Nanotech and Bionanotech Institute would be appropriate to undertake the project with the assurance of technical level and a competent team of talents.

June 29, 2006


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