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SIP Inspection and Quarantine Office Participates
in Building Electronic Port

SIP Office of Suzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is now actively involved in the construction of SIP electronic port.

To ensure sustained and speedy development of the open economy of SIP, the administrative committee of SIP (Sipac) has decided to build SIP into a hinterland bonded port region by starting the construction of SIP electronic port. According to construction planning, the information resources within all enterprises will be effectively integrated on the electronic port information platform to facilitate procedural flow of "thorough customs clearance". Previously, the project consulting group, specially organized to assist the construction of electronic port, has completed study reports on the construction planning and port platform analysis.

In the course of construction, the issues concerning the work of inspection and quarantine have been addressed with serious attention. SIP Office of the Municipal Inspection and Quarantine Bureau organized special groups of professionals to conduct examinations on  the project and put forward 55 specific amendment measures to guarantee the efficient and strict enforcement of inspection and quarantine regulations.

The construction of electronic port is an administrative project approved by the State Council and participated by General Administration of Customs in coordination with relevant departments of the State Council. The construction will play a vital role in improving the investment climate of the region, reducing the cost of enterprises, reinforcing the international competitiveness, and promoting fast growth of foreign trade and national economy.

July 7, 2006


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