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SIP Shares Labor and Social Security Information with Enterprises

To further publicize policies and share information on labor and security with enterprises, SIP Bureau of Labor and Social Security held an information release in International building on the afternoon of June 21, at which the bureau released “Investigation Report on Wages in SIP in 2005” and “Annual Report on SIP Provident Fund”, and introduced the newly stipulated preferential policy on employment and reemployment, and the readjustment on the lower limit of contribution of Class-B provident fund. The meeting also made citations to those advanced individuals from SPF member units for the work of provident fund management. After the meeting, representatives from SIP enterprises were shown to the newly opened service hall on the 3rd floor of SPF Management Center.

Present at the information release were Han Jiang, Director of of SIP Bureau of Labor and Social Security, Zhu Kunyuan and Wang Feng, Vice-directors, and over a hundred personnel managers from SIP enterprises.

June 22, 2006

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