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Loufeng Township Passes Provincial Examination for
"National Model of Rural Township with Beautiful environment"

A general examination was conducted by a group of experts in construction, public health and environmental protection organized by Provincial Bureau of Environmental Protection, on the work of Loufeng Township in building national model rural township of beautiful environment according to national standards.

The provincial examination group held a hearing on the work of Loufeng Township and saw a documentary film on the environmental construction in Loufeng. The group also checked on the chronological technical records of the work to build national model of beautiful environment. Then, the group spit into four technical groups and went on field surveys in enterprises and units of public undertaking and public facilities, making on-spot examinations on 28 items in the environmental hygiene, water resource, air and environmental quality, etc. Finally, the group gave a high appraisal of the environment quality of the township.

A consensus of opinion was reached in the examination group that Loufeng Township has taken effective measures through popular mobilization and has lived up to the requirements in "standards for national model rural townships of beautiful environment"

The examination has agreed to recommend Loufeng Township to National Bureau of Environmental Protection as a candidate for "national model of rural township of beautiful environment".

June 20, 2006

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