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Celebrated Expatriate Awarded for Blood Donation

On June 14, the heroes in voluntary blood donation in Suzhou were invited to Kaiming Theatre to celebrate the World Blood Donation Day, and among them was the volunteer blood donor Mr. Michael Barbalas from USA. Five heroes were awarded the honorable title of "advanced individual" in voluntary blood donation in Jiangsu Province, and Barbalas is the only foreigner of the five to win the provincial citation.

Michael Barbalas is a celebrity, who came to Suzhou in 1997 and has been working as General Manager of Andrew Telecommunications (China) Co., Ltd. in Suzhou Industrial Park, but he is better known to the public as a talented performer in Chinese comical dialogues, a popular art form in China, which he learned from master artists. Barbalas told the reporters that there are many volunteer blood donors in America, and right after he came to China, he asked SIP Bureau of Social Development to put him on the list of blood donors. He also mobilized his staff at the company to participate in the blood donation campaign, and he himself has donated blood so many times that he simply forgets how much of his blood has gone into the blood bank.

June 15, 2006

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