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SIP's "Grand Customs Clearance" is Taking Shape

Efforts are being stepped up in SIP to build first-rate logistic platform and excellent logistic environment this year. With the matured operation modes of land exit and SZV virtual airport and the formation of the first national bonded logistic center, SIP is fast approach the goal of "grand customs clearance and grand logistics".

Since June 1, SIP has started the integrated operation of the two zones – bonded logistic center and exit-control ports, which are different areas of customs control with different checkpoints and operation grounds. After the integration of the two areas, all the cargos from both bonded logistic center and customs-control areas will be given entry at East Checkpoint (at bonded logistic center), and exit at West Checkpoint (at customs control point). Thus a unified area is available for customs clearance. The integrated operation has proved to be smooth after a week’s practice with the coordinated efforts of SIP Customs Office at bonded logistic center, Administrative Office of SIP Logistic Center, and Suzhou Logistic Center Co., Ltd.

The integrated procedure has put the customs control resources to full utilization, and optimized the operation flow at transfer points, and greatly reduced the cost of logistic operation for enterprises. The further smoothing of supply chain makes the manufacturing enterprises and third-party logistic enterprise in SIP and the surrounding areas the biggest beneficiaries.

The integration of the two areas marks the first step in achieving "grand customs clearance and grand logistics" in SIP. Further efforts are being made to speed up the functional integration and united actions of all the customs-control areas within SIP to provide speedy and highly efficient logistic service.

June 13, 2006

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