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Over 200 SIP Hi-tech Products Awarded Provincial Certificates

Through the evaluation and examination by experts' of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology, the list of the first batch of hi-tech products of Jiangsu Province was recently announced, on which are over 20 products from SIP, such as the "dry-type resin power transformer" and "mobile wireless security system". The number of certified hi-tech products from SIP, now added up to over 200, is the largest in Suzhou.

In order to build a demonstration park of technological innovation and implement the targets of "SIP scientific and technological development program", SIP government has constantly strengthened its support to the innovation capability of technological enterprises, and made it an important task to foster the growth of civilian-run technology enterprises.

Giving top priority to the improvement of innovative capability of enterprises, SIP Bureau of Science and Technology has carried out extensive and in-depth investigations to tap the potential of hi-tech development and to encourage the application of new and hi-tech products from enterprises. The certified hi-tech products from SIP covers the fields of software, IC, electronic IT, integrated optical electronic machinery, and new material, and show good prospect for future development.

June 12, 2006

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