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SIP Service Sector: A Growing Source of State Tax

SIP State Tax Bureau has since last year achieved remarkable results in legal administration of tax affairs and optimizing service in support of the modern service industry in SIP, shown in the following aspects:

Fast increase of service enterprises. The number of enterprises in the service sector has increased to over 2,000, of which 1,600 are taxable, almost doubling number.

Quality of the projects shows noticeable improvement. The newly introduced tertiary industries are mainly in the fields of consulting, advertising, agencies, logistics, and international convention and exhibitions, scientific and educational services. Both domestic and overseas enterprises are growing in numbers and quality, and their functions tend to be multifold according international trend.

A marginal increase of tax has been registered. The first quarter of the year records an income tax amount of 11 million yuan RMB, an increase of over 90% over that of the corresponding period of last year, showing a great potential for further increase. Service industries in SIP have become a new growth point for state tax revenue in SIP.

June 7, 2006

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