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New GLS Plant Put into Operation in SIP

GLS, the largest thermoplastic supplier in North America, opened its new plant in SIP on June 6 as the second largest production base of GLS across the world. The subsidiary of GLS in SIP is of a similar size as the manufacturing base in American continent.

The newly built plant was incorporated in January 2005 under the name, GLS Thermoplastic Alloys (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Based in Illinois, USA, GLS is a manufacturing enterprise of engineering plastic and plastic alloys, which combines production and sales with development and research. For the past 25 years, GLS has been leading the technologies in TPE globally. The high-performance TPE compound materials and alloy series from GLS include sulfate rubber, thermoplastic compound materials applied in consumer goods, medical apparatus, household utensils, hardware, electronic devices, baby-care articles, house electric appliances, garden tools, and industrial equipment.

June 6, 2006

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