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Foundation Laid for Kin Hua Optics

A foundation laying ceremony was held in SIP for Kin Hua Optics, invested by two well-known listed companies of Taiwan, Kinko Optics and Altek Corporation Investment with a total amount of 80 million USD. The company is expected to go into operation in May nest year.

Kinko Optics is one of the "three giants in optical industry of Taiwan", a manufacturer of optical lenses engaged in designing, development, raw material processing, and production of high-precision zoom lenses for traditional and digital cameras, and scanners. Altek Corporation the top enterprise in digital camera production in Taiwan, and one of the earliest developer and manufacturer of professional digital cameras with millions of pixels, as well as the only digital camera manufacturer with independent system-controlled chips.

Kin Hua Optics (SIP) was incorporated in Weiting Township, SIP, in November 2005 with 30 million USD registered capital for R&D and production of digital camera lens, cell phone lens, video lens, and optical engine for large color screen display projector and other high-level optical apparatus.

June 5, 2006

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