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British BOC Steps Up Investment in China's Helium Market

BOC of UK, one of the largest global gas supplier, started operation in its new helium plant in SIP on May 26 as one of the steps to intensify investment in the helium market of China. The newly opened plant is presently the largest commercial helium factory for helium retails in China.

Helium is a rare commodity derived from natural resources. According to Kevin Baudhuin, President for Northwest America Industrial and Special Products Operation of BOC, there are only 13 sources of helium around the world, of which BOC owns 30% of the commercial franchise as the global leader in the helium production. BOC owns 48 transmission plants, and China market is the fastest-growing market for helium in the world. The operation of SIP helium plant marks a new stage of BOC's business in China.

BOC Gas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 as a supplier of helium and piped helium for Suzhou Industrial Park and SND. By the end of 2005, BOC's investment in Suzhou had exceeded 73 million US dollars. The new plant, which cost 3.25 million US dollars, increased the liquefying capacity to 70 liters per hour, chiefly for helium used in MRI in China.

BOC was founded in 1886 in UK, and it has grown into the globally largest and the most widely spread corporation of industrial gases, as well as the first foreign-owned gas company in China. It provides over 20,000 kinds of gases for petrol-chemical, metallurgical, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries.

May 26, 2006

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