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SIP on Equal Footing with International Counterpart

Dae Chen Consortium of Korea has proposed cooperation with SIP Institute of Vocational Technology in joint running of a similar school to train personnel for Korean-invested enterprises in China, a school that, in the words of Zhou Ji, Minister of Education, after his inspection in SIP, carries dialogue with international counterparts on equal footing.

When the visiting Prime Minister Goh Cho Tong of Singapore was in SIP in May 1997, he suggested to set up a school in SIP, and the Chinese leaders gave serious consideration to this initiative. The two sides then decided to establish a brand new school in SIP based on the pattern of Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic, to turn out "gray-collar" technicians for SIP enterprises. In September next year, SIP Institute of Vocational Technology was inaugurated.

The Institute started out with the international advanced management concept as an exemplary case in "adapting software of Singapore". The most striking feature of the institute is the close relations with multinational corporations. "Our goal is to meet the demands of enterprises," the school so introduces its purpose and pro-business approach. In October 2003, the institute made a bold attempt to establish its name brand by adopting ISO9000 standards for all-round management and teaching quality assurance system.

May 26, 2006

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