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NCS IT Suzhou Passes Level-5 Evaluation

NCS Information Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. announced on May 24 that the company went through successfully the Level-5 evaluation on Capability and Maturiety Model Integration (CMMI) in April. The evaluation belongs to the highest standard in the global software industry, and NCS is the first in Suzhou and second in the province to pass the authentication.

NCS Suzhou was established in 1998 as a subsidiary of NCS, the largest IT and communication technological engineering service enterprise in Singapore. NCS has undertaken over 2,000 major projects for the government of Singapore during the past twenty years since its establishment, and ranks in the foremost 10 IT service providers in Asian-Pacific region. Based on NCS's twenty years' experience in computerization of Singapore government, NCS Suzhou achieved fast development in business operation. Lai Jinfa, GM of NCS Suzhou Company, told reporters: "The authentication of Level-5 evaluation on CMMI marks the fact that NCS IT Suzhou Co. has become one of the most advanced software service companies in the world."

Zhou Xudong, Director of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, also made high appraisal of the result by saying: "Of the 116 software enterprises of Suzhou certified by Jingsu Bureau of IT Industry, only 6 passed the CMMI evaluation authentication, and only on levels 2 and 3. NCS IT Suzhou Co. is the largest software enterprise in SIP, and its Level-5 authentication has set an example for all software enterprises in Suzhou, and will play a supportive role in upgrading the level of software industry in Suzhou."

The Level-5 evaluation on CMMI is the most demanding and sophisticated process for software enterprises in the whole world, since it involves the integration of many science disciplines and products, covering software engineering, system engineering, product integration and development, and system procurement, etc. for reduction of engineering cost. CMMI model was officially issued in 2002 as a replacement of CMM model, classified into 5 levels of maturity for software organizations.

May 24, 2006

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