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Suzhou CBD to Be Sited in SIP

According to "Deployment Plan of Tertiary Industry of Suzhou" publicized on May 18, the CBD of Suzhou will be located within the 5-km2  area around Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park.

The siting of CBD in SIP instead of the current urban center in the old city proper is indicative of the determination of the municipal government to build a high-standard international CBD in the 21st century. The old city proper is categorized as a cultural, commercial, and tourist center.

Already built or under construction in the picturesque round-Jinji-Lake area are foreign-funded banks, hotels, exhibition and convention center, sci-tech & cultural center, gourmet street, commercial and apartment houses. Production-geared service industries and new emerging tertiary industry will be promoted in a big way according to the planning of CBD construction here, and clusters of digitalized intelligent buildings will be built by international standard and with regional influence.

May 19, 2006

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