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Element Six Sets Up Synthetic Diamond Plant in China

Element Six celebrated the opening of its new industrial synthetic diamond plant in SIP on April 19, 2006, with the participation of directors and shareholders of Element Six, local officials, representatives of diplomatic service from Ireland and South Africa, and representatives from many trade organizations. The plant in SIP is the first manufacturing facility of Element Six in Asia to produce specialized synthetic diamond for multi-crystal products.

The total investment of Element Six in Suzhou amounts to 25 billion US dollars, and the plant is designed to manufacture 300 million carats of synthetic diamond annually for Element Six.

Ms. Jennifer Oppenheimer said at the opening ceremony, "The plants of Element Six in Africa and Europe have been operating for 40 to 60 years before we set our first plant here and now in Asia. Element Six will stick to the conviction of Oppenheimer Family and run our factories, wherever they are, by the same mode, so that the community will benefit from our business."

Christian Hultner, CEO of Element Six, said: "We will apply the special industrial diamond synthesizing technology of China in supplement of the technologies from South Africa and Sweden to ensure our global leading position in industrial synthetic diamond manufacturing."

May 11, 2006

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