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Gree-Emerson Cooperation Yields Low-temperature Heating Unit

Gree Electrical Stock Ltd., a professional manufacturer of air-conditioners, joined hands with Emerson Climate Technology, a subsidiary of American Emerson Electrical Company, in joint research and development, and successfully came out with "digital-turbo ultra-low-temperature air-sourced heat pump unit", which recently won high assessment by experts at the application symposium held by Sci-tech Development Center of Ministry of Construction.

The newly developed heat pump unit was evaluated by Chinese Ministry of Construction last year as "internationally advanced" following its trial operation in the past year. The innovation provides an ideal solution for central heating in the cold northern regions of China, where heating is frequently hampered by low efficiency of the heat pump. It has also improved the technological standard of energy-saving by a big margin, putting China’s  winter heating and energy-saving technology in an advanced, leading position in the world.

Presently, the energy consumption of heating in China normally takes up 55% of the total power consumption of the building, but the data collected from the "digital-turbo low-temperature air-sourced heat pump unit" show that for the whole season of heating, the cost on energy is 14.6 yuan RMB per square meter, as against the 24-30 RMB/square meter by the traditional central heating. For an apartment of 120 square meters, the newly innovated unit can save up to 1128-1848 RMB for heating during the winter.

The unit demonstrates normal operation state despite extreme low temperatures. A monitored record from Changchun City in northeast China shows that the unit can effect comfortable, warm room temperature under the condition of –19.5 degrees C.

May 8, 2006

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