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Noted Academicians Lecture on Nanotech at Suzhou Symposium

To implement the action plan in the strategic cooperation between Suzhou and China Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Province to build Suzhou Nanotechnology Institute in Suzhou Industrial Park, some dozen experts and scholars from CAS, including Academicians Wang Shoujue, Liang Liwu and Xie Sishen, were recently invited to SIP to participate in the symposium on the scientific planning and research projects of the Nanotech Institute, to be built and located by Dushu Lake, SIP. The discussions focused on nanotech tools and related materials, nanobiotechnology, and nanomedicine, etc., and aimed to carry out nanotech innovations and system integration for application in the fields of IT and biology.

The experts gave lectures on the general deployment and development situation of National Nanotech Research Institute, and the planned applications of nanotech research. They also put forth positive suggestions on the future development of Suzhou Nanotech Institute.

The experts at the discussions agreed that Suzhou Nanotech Institute, as one of the two major research units under CAS, would be taken into the strategic plan of the knowledge innovation of CAS and developed in the direction of industrialization through independent innovations. By accurate positioning of the institute, the cooperation parties will make concerted efforts to build the institute into a nanotech research base of CAS and to foster new growth opportunities to guide industrial development.

May 11, 2006

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