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SIP Approved to Be National Experimentation Base fro Intellectual Property Rights

The National Bureau of Intellectual Property Rights recently officially approved Suzhou Industrial Park to be a national base for intellectual property rights protection. SIP is reportedly planning to be built into a national demonstration park for intellectual property rights within 3 years, and to ensure that intellectual property rights system is instituted and technologies and products of intellectual property rights possessed in over 80% of the technology-type enterprises in SIP.

Since 2003, SIP authorities have allocated a total of 5 million RMB to foster a number of enterprises. In 2005 alone, patent applications increased by 75%. The protection of intellectual property rights in SIP has covered the whole process of patent, trade mark, and software authorship registration, rescue of intellectual property rights dispute, and strategic inquiry on enterprise intellectual property rights. At the "one-stop service center", a new window was opened this year to offer service in intellectual property rights by the time of enterprise registration.

A recent change in the policy of intellectual property rights in SIP is that patent application by enterprises is fully subsidized by the government, and for those inventors authorized by overseas institutions will be awarded with 30,000 RMB. This is part of the series of policies to speed up the formation of core technologies and to foster a number of competitive major enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and prestigious brand names.

May 3, 2006

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