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State Guesthouse Completed at Jinji Lake Grand Hotel

The state guesthouse of Jinji Lake Grand Hotel was completed before May Day. A ceremony was held on April 30 to celebrate the occasion. Jinji Lake Grand Hotel is the only hotel in Suzhou that owns an international standard 27-hole golf course. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, attended the completion ceremony.

Jinji Lake Grand Hotel is located at CBD in SIP, between Jinji Lake and Dushu Lake, with an area of 31.5 hectares. The hotel consists of the state guesthouse court, 4 ministerial blocks, and a commercial main building. Possessed of the best accommodation facilities and functions in Suzhou, the hotel will provide a powerful backup for the further growth of tertiary industry in SIP.

May 1, 2006

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