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Suzhou's Financial Revenue Hits 10 Billion RMB in the First Quarter of the Year

The financial revenue of Suzhou Municipalityin the first quarter of the year hit 10 billion yuan RMB for the first time in history, and the total financial revenue and the growth rate continued to rank the first in the whole of Jiangsu Province. The increase rate is 7% higher than that of the province.

Statistics from Municipal Bureau of Statistics show that in the first quarter, the whole municipality completed a total revenue of 10.39 billion RMB, increasing by24.9%, or 2.07 billion RMB, compared to the corresponding period of last year, which is 28.5% of the budgeted revenue of the year. Taxes from real estate and construction industries contributed significantly to the high-speed growth of financial revenue.

Kunshan, Suzhou Industrial Park, and Zhangjiagang ranked the first three places in terms of total revenue, which are respectively 1.71, 1.51, and 1.41 billion RMB. Wujiang City, Xiangxheng District, and Taicang City ranked the first three places in terms of increase rate by over 30%. SIP, Kunshan City, and Wujiang City were the foremost regions for net increase of financial revenue, making up 16.8|%, 15.7%, and 13.4% respectively of the total revenue of the municipality.

Apr. 25, 2006

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