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Suzhou's Second Largest Sports Complex Built in SIP

The sports complex of Suzhou Dushu Higher Education Park Sports Development Center was officially opened on April 30, adding another fitness exercise facility for the Students, teachers, and residents in the area as well as a large-scale building for sport meets and cultural and tourist activities.

As part of the service facilities of the higher education park and a landmark building, the modern comprehensive sports complex started construction in 2004 in the picturesque and harmonious surroundings of Dushu Lake shore and verdant green groves.

Being the second largest sports complex in Suzhou, the sports center is designed with the most advanced concept and adequate functions in a total floorage of 33,956 square meters. The ground floor is designed as commercial and entertainment area, and the second floor as sports area with 4,500-seats standard basketball court, where complete network communication and live TV broadcast equipment make it possible to hold all levels of domestic games of basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, wrestling, judo, and indoor tracks, and large cultural performances. Besides, there are a 780-square-meter table tennis court, 290-square-meter billiard room, 560-square-meter fitness equipment room, 290-square-meter taekwondo room, and VIP fitness rooms.

Within Dushu Lake Higher Education Park, there are already some dozen domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and 20-odd well-known training schools of various types. The sports complex is located in the heart of the urban area of the park close to the lakeshore, within stone's throw of movie theatre, multi-storied office buildings, experts' apartment buildings, supermarket, lakeshore park, and yacht club.

Apr. 29, 2006

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