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United Plastics Completes New Plant

Suzhou United Plastics Technololgy Co., Ltd., invested by American United Plastics Group Inc., the tenth largest slip cast plastics manufacturer in North America, completed the construction of new plant in SIP on the morning of April 27, and thus the total investment of United Plastics Group has added up to 210 million USD in SIP.

Headquartered in Illinois, USA, United Plastics Group Inc. is the tenth largest slip cast plastics manufacturer in North America and the world’s fifth largest producer of non-automobile slip cast plastics, having its plants in seven countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, and China. Its first wholly-owned subsidiary plant in SIP, United Plastics (Suzhou) Precision Engineering Co., Ltd., was built in February 2002 with an investment of 9 million USD. The newly completed plant, located within Zone B of SIP Export and Processing Zone, encompasses a constructed area of 10,510 square meters and the investment amounted to 120 million USD. The slip cast plastic products of this manufacturing facility will chiefly be used for application electronics, medical apparatus, auto parts, and endurable consumer products.

Apr. 28, 2006

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